Co-Creating Healing Miracles with God

faith heal healing miracles Mar 21, 2020

This week I was asked to give a presentation on Creating Healing Miracles with God for a non-denominational Christian Conference. Which was a perfect fit for me because of my Christian background and faith and experience in a Miraculous Healing Ministry. 

In the Ascension School every week we teach the importance of having a connection to your Higher Power in all that you do, whatever that looks like for you. We focus on the commonalities of all the spiritual Wisdom Traditions, and focus on the importance of infusing your divinity into every aspect of our humanity. We have unfortunately taken God out of the equation in far too much of our lives, and we are experiencing the cumulative results of that. 

We ask for our Higher Power's direction in all we do, not because God wants to do everything FOR you. Quite the opposite in fact. Agency IS the economy of Heaven after all. The Higher Beings of Light are there however, as sort of a Mentorship program. These Higher Beings...

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