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Journey To Ascension

Learn the basics of ascension and how YOU can be master of your life. Learn how the earth is shifting into a new age and what the ancient masters have been teaching for thousands of years.

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All-Access Membership

Membership gives you access to the Best of The Ascension Academy.  You’ll save big with access to ALL the Ascension Academy Courses and Workshops. One low price per month for everything. Cancel anytime.

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Ascension School

Master every part of your life as you learn how to access the spiritual dimensions and tap into the unseen world. Access all 3 courses. 90 training videos, dozens of clearing sessions and guided meditations and so much more!

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Ascension University

Ascension University is an ongoing monthly membership. It provides ongoing exposure to more in-depth materials, trainings and tools that are focused on deepening understanding of ascension.

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Raise Your Vibration

In this special workshop, you will discover how to remove low vibration. You will learn to Raise Your Vibration to a higher level so you can allow true abundance to manifest with ease in your home and in your daily life.

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Infinity Conference

Learn The Secrets To Ascension & Translation - 2019 Conference Available Online! 5 experts on the subject come together to bring you this special conference.

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Golden Mountain Class

Learn about the ancient patterns and how they affect us today. With so many things going on in the world how can you not just get by, but thrive as the world ascends. Listen to Rex Rian's 1-hour ascension workshop.

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Emotional Preparedness Class

Learn how to manage your emotions with all that's going on in the world today.

Thrive as the world ascends. Listen to Rex Rian's 1-hour ascension workshop.

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Finding Joy

This Class will focus on finding joy as we raise the consciousness of humanity and assist with the earth's ascension. How you can thrive as the world ascends. Listen to Rex Rian's 1-day ascension workshop.

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1-On-1 Guidance

Personal Support, Guidance and Healing Sessions Exclusively For Your Self-Mastery and Ascension. Heal your body, mind and spirit Clear past traumas and emotions Manifest abundance in your life Fast-track your ascension.


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Mastermind Retreats

Are you ready for a weekend immersed in Ascension activation? Would you like to escape the mundane and experience more of the divine in your day to day life? Would you like to have even more tools to assist your supernatural leap into a next phase of humanity?

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Duality/Outer Body Experience

Over 4 hours of instruction with Rex Rian.
In this class Rex will offer step by step instructions on how to have an Out-of-Body Experience. 
Rex will share the most effective techniques to have an outer body experience.

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