We are on the brink...

Uncategorized Jul 03, 2020

We are standing on the brink of a very important time on this planet. We are on the threshold of heralding the start of a new era, a New Earth.

Prophets from many different cultures and times have spoken of this shift metaphorically and literally for thousands of years. The telling of what is to come has often been portrayed in a vague, scary, and ominous way.

The words of these ancient prophets and visionaries have also offered hope as well as visions of an era of lasting peace on earth, a time of returning to the Garden: Heaven on Earth.

Humanity is at a crucial crossroads.

We have a choice to accept a time of suffering and destruction or to take the reins of creation into our hands in order to become the stewards of a New Era. Either way, we play a powerful role in co-creating with God the world in which we participate.

The real question is which destiny will we choose?

We are already running a default program of destruction. We are always creating, and (at this point in time)...

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Is Ascension Really a Thing?

Uncategorized Apr 14, 2020

A renowned and brilliant man, now passed on, who was called upon to be the teacher to the teachers, once shared the following parable:

A young man once long ago claimed he had found a large diamond in his field as he was plowing. He put the stone on display to the public free of charge, and everyone took sides. A psychologist showed, by citing some famous case studies, that the young man was suffering from a well-known form of delusion. An historian showed that other men have also claimed to have found diamonds in fields and been deceived. A geologist proved that there were no diamonds in the area but only quartz: the young man had been fooled by a quartz. When asked to inspect the stone itself, the geologist declined with a weary, tolerant smile and a kindly shake of the head. An English professor showed that the young man in describing his stone used the very same language that others had used in describing uncut diamonds: he was, therefore, simply speaking the common...
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Co-Creating Healing Miracles with God

faith heal healing miracles Mar 21, 2020

This week I was asked to give a presentation on Creating Healing Miracles with God for a non-denominational Christian Conference. Which was a perfect fit for me because of my Christian background and faith and experience in a Miraculous Healing Ministry. 

In the Ascension School every week we teach the importance of having a connection to your Higher Power in all that you do, whatever that looks like for you. We focus on the commonalities of all the spiritual Wisdom Traditions, and focus on the importance of infusing your divinity into every aspect of our humanity. We have unfortunately taken God out of the equation in far too much of our lives, and we are experiencing the cumulative results of that. 

We ask for our Higher Power's direction in all we do, not because God wants to do everything FOR you. Quite the opposite in fact. Agency IS the economy of Heaven after all. The Higher Beings of Light are there however, as sort of a Mentorship program. These Higher Beings...

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Uncategorized Nov 01, 2019

What is Priestcraft?

By Nelson Whiting

Interestingly, one of the only environments in which we would find a care about priestcraft in a negative connotation is among Mormons.  In the dictionary, priestcraft simply means a priest practicing their craft, such as preaching or exercising priesthood.  However, the Book of Mormon has taken that term to another level and condemned certain practices by telling us what constitutes priestcraft and how to avoid it like the plague it is, and it’s not confined to ordained priests.  Here is a link to an expanded discussion on this topic in case you want to take a deeper dive.  But let’s briefly address some key points here.

The word “priestcraft” is not actually in the KJV Bible.  From the Book of Mormon definition of priestcraft (which we will look at here in a minute), we can see cases of priestcraft in the Bible.  For example, Simon the sorcerer wanted to pay for Peter to ordain him to the...

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