Learn the timeless wisdom of the Ancient Masters and discover the secrets that science is just now discovering. You are not a victim of your circumstances...YOU can master EVERY part of your life! 

Learn to access spiritual dimensions and create powerful habits that will transform your body, mind and soul into a state of endless joy and happiness.

YOU can be an Ascended Being of Light. It’s time to ASCEND yourself and humankind to their divine potential.



Are you living your highest divine potential?

Learn how you can transcend your mortal limitations and transform your life by watching the FREE "Journey to Ascension" class.

Transcend Your Mortal Limitations

Learn how to transcend the bounds of physical mortal existence so you can become Superhuman... by living the higher laws of the Universe.

Highest Teachings Known to Humankind

The most enlightened figures from every ancient wisdom tradition we know of, even Jesus Christ, the greatest example of all, taught the principles of ascension.

The Ancient Wisdom and Science of Ascension

Ancient mystical and spiritual ascension traditions are now being validated with new, cutting edge science.

What is the Ascension Academy?

The Ascension Academy was created to help students learn and apply knowledge of how to transcend the bounds of mortal existence, and live by the higher laws of the Universe. These truths have been taught by esoteric hidden "mystery" schools for thousands of years. These truths are no longer a mystery; but they are basic, foundational, extremely empowering, and eternal truths that elevate humankind to their divine potential. Unusually long life-spans, even immortality, has been granted to those who believed it was their right and mission to receive these truths and become the ideal version of themselves in order to perform the ultimate mission: selfless love and service to bring humanity into a condition of harmony and unity.



Rex, Debbie, Nelson and Jerel are the founders of The Ascension Academy. They have openly taught ascension principles to students, religious leaders, agnostics and atheists, schoolteachers, pro-athletes, life coaches, and more… while serving the world with total authenticity.  More...

"Live life in a higher level of magic and fulfillment"

"I want everyone I know to take this course, to open up to the mystical and spiritual, that together we can talk about this high level of awesomeness, open up spiritual gifts and live life in a fun higher level of magic and fulfillment." Shaun K.


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