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The Ascension Academy was created to help students learn how to transcend the bounds of mortal existence, and live by the higher laws of the Universe.

These truths have been taught by hidden "mystery" schools for thousands of years. They are no longer a mystery; but they are extremely empowering, and eternal truths that elevate humankind to their divine potential.  Learn More.


What our students are saying...


"So kind, genuine, relatable, open... overall it was really great. Lots of tools and useful solutions. It was a loving environment. It was made to be fun too, with the hands on experience. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU."

Kimberlee G.
Past Student

"I want everyone I know to take this course, to open up to the mystical and spiritual, that together we can talk about this high level of awesomeness, open up spiritual gifts and live life in a fun higher level of magic and fulfilment."

Shaun K.
Past Student

"I loved the Ascension Academy! You can tell the trainers know tons of information behind the subjects they are talking about... it shows by how passionate they are. I highly recommend this class!"

Kenneth B.
Past Student

"I really enjoyed learning how to apply what I learned. That for me was the most valuable thing, to actually practice some of these things. This is something you can't read about in books, you have to experience it."

Dane A.
Past Student

"It was really motivational, I was kind of at a plateau trying to figure it out and wondering what the next step is. This class was really motivational to realign everything for me spiritually, emotionally and in all the six key areas."

Jerry W.
Past Student


Debbie Hart

Debbie Hart is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, energy healer and relationship coach. She was inspired by a vision to start an Ascended Living School where people can come and be healed body, mind and spirit, and learn the 6 Keys of Life and Ascension. She has helped thousands of people overcome challenges, conquer bad habits, improve relationships, increase their health and vitality, strengthen connection to their Higher Power, and unleashed their Divine Potential.

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Nelson Whiting

Nelson is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, specializing in coaching clients into higher thinking.  Having been into esoteric topics from a young age, eventually receiving a B.A. in Philosophy (and 11 yrs in Real Estate), his goal is to help people connect with their Higher Power, and start to implement higher principles of living.  He has authored or co-authored 3 books that inform and empower individuals in realms of the religious, spiritual, and business.

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Jerel Clark

Jerel has studied and searched the world over for the last 30 years in search of the ultimate meaning of life and spirituality. He studied and developed personal development trainings and spiritual development classes and events. He also brings in studies in health and wellness, because whatever affects the body, also affects the mind and the spirit. His passion and enthusiasm for the Mysteries of Godliness, Ascension studies, and physical translation are enlightening and contagious. 

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