Co-Creating Healing Miracles with God

faith heal healing miracles Mar 21, 2020

This week I was asked to give a presentation on Creating Healing Miracles with God for a non-denominational Christian Conference. Which was a perfect fit for me because of my Christian background and faith and experience in a Miraculous Healing Ministry. 

In the Ascension School every week we teach the importance of having a connection to your Higher Power in all that you do, whatever that looks like for you. We focus on the commonalities of all the spiritual Wisdom Traditions, and focus on the importance of infusing your divinity into every aspect of our humanity. We have unfortunately taken God out of the equation in far too much of our lives, and we are experiencing the cumulative results of that. 

We ask for our Higher Power's direction in all we do, not because God wants to do everything FOR you. Quite the opposite in fact. Agency IS the economy of Heaven after all. The Higher Beings of Light are there however, as sort of a Mentorship program. These Higher Beings don't want to do everything FOR you, but they do want to do everything WITH you. They want you to learn to BE LIKE THEM! How? By doing the things that they do!

What would an Ascended Being do exactly? 

Well on my Christian path, I could see that Christ was an exemplar of MUCH more than just learning to forgive and be kind. Although those are extremely important as well! 

But He was also constantly seen healing and serving others. He was best know for performing "Miracles". And He also said that we could do ALL the things He did....and "Greater Things"!

So in my journey of Ascension, this included believing and experimenting upon these words. 

So although my talk went a little bit different then my outline, I am going to share my outline and story here how I developed my faith in healing and working with my Higher Power by taking inspired action. 


Hello Everyone! I am so excited to be here and be a part of this beautiful online conference with my favorite topic…co-creating miracles with God!

How inspired to have this conference at such a time as this!

 Thank you, Kelly, for tuning in to the wisdom of God long before you knew how important this would truly be.

My topic is specifically on Healing Miracles. I became interested in Healing Miracles when I was 12 years old. I just KNEW there had to be more than life than just showing up and enduring to the end. I loved reading about the miracles in the stories about Christ and His followers throughout the scriptures. I wanted to experience these things for myself and others, but I just didn’t know how. I did begin to try on my own, but since I wasn’t seeing the same healing miracles in my day to day reality that I read about in the scriptures I was left wondering if we really could do these things.

As I entered my early 20’s and became a young mother, my passion and interest in the Miracles and Mysteries of Godliness grew. I began taking healing classes and I loved the results I was seeing as I began to incorporate faith with different kinds of healing modalities. However, my hunger for more would never be satisfied, so even though I would see really good results for the people I was working with, I continued seeking more light and truth.

There were a lot of times when people would tell me to just settle on a certain method or modality of healing, because things were working. Everyone said to find your “niche”. But the burning desire to seek more light and truth would always prevail in my heart and my quest would continue on. After I had numerous certifications under my belt, a particular friend of mine was trying to convince me that one certain healing modality was definitely better than another. I had to know for myself so I began to pray and ask “ what was the best way to experience healing Lord?”

I felt inspired to just spend several days reading all the scriptures under the topic of healing, and what I read and remembered right then was what I knew to be true all along.  Christ never really healed the same way twice. There were all kinds of healing miracles throughout the scriptures!

Once in John 9:6 Christ even put clay mud on a man’s eyes to restore his sight! In 2 Kings 5:10 the Lords Prophet told a man to wash himself in the river 7 times to be healed. In Numbers 21:0 Moses told the people to simply look at a staff and be healed! So we see that we not only have a wide variety of healing miracles, but that they are very interesting indeed!

Then I began to pray again, in conclusion to my asking which manner of healing is best, when I saw an orchestra open up in my minds eye and heard Him say, “Why play one note on the keyboard, when you have an entire symphony?” I was overjoyed because this is already what I loved. I loved the freedom to be unique and inspired as I go, rather than following a firm set of structured rules. That was not the pattern in the scriptures. He then went on to remind me then that healing happens by faith.

And faith is powered by belief (and action and love)…and so the best way to heal, is the way that the person who needs the healing believes in the most. Like Christ said in Mark 5:34 “Daughter THY FAITH hath made thee whole: go in peace and be whole of thy plague”

So it is a combination of God's power, the faith of the person doing the healing, and the person receiving the healing.

 If a person has a lot of faith in a certain structure, pattern, a way to pray or a modality, then so be it. God works miracles with the laws of belief, faith and intention. He is not as concerned with the “how”. And so while it does actually help to have some tools and techniques to work with, and it certainly increases the power when you call upon Christs name, tuning into the spirit and following inspiration and being willing to act in the moment will bring about the best healing miracles.

Another thing I learned along the way is to make sure your healing intentions are aligned with God’s will. Always starting with prayer, asking for inspiration, as well as permission will increase your own faith and power to heal because you will know it is Gods will and so we won’t stop until we feel the spirit compel us to stop.

This is one of the things people often overlook in the scriptures. Once when Jesus prayed for a blind man, he said “I see men as trees” and Jesus prayed then again. If Jesus had to pray twice for healing, who are we to stop short of our miracle? When we pray for healing, we ask the person what their pain level is before we begin. We pray for healing, and then we ask again. It usually goes down quite a bit, but we pray again, and again until we feel the spirit speak that we are done. We are building our muscle of faith, and in the beginning, it will take more effort to get there. Don’t give up!

Another thing Christ taught us about healing in the scriptures, that many of us forget, is the environment matters. Our thoughts and our emotions have very real, palpable energy and can affect the healing for better or for worse.

 In Matthew 9: 23-25 we read And when Jesus came into the ruler’s house, and saw the minstrel and the people making a noise, He said unto them, give place for the maid is not dead but sleepeth, and they laughed him to scorn. But when the people were put forth, the went in and took her by the hand and the maid arose.”

So Christ had the people who were doubting leave the room! There is no room for anything but the energy of faith when you are performing healing miracles!

So along with continuing to develop the gift of healing, I worked on developing the spiritual gifts of inspiration and discernment, so that the spirit of God could direct the process. As I did this, so many amazing and unexpected miracles came along the way.

One of the first times I realized that we could have a much more real, more profound, and palpable interactive experience with God was after I had read a near death experience book about a girl who had died and came back with no veil and she talked about being friends with Jesus and that we could have a real relationship with Him here and now.  So I asked to have a real relationship with Christ, immediately followed by asking for His help with a client I was seeing that afternoon. I had always asked for guidance and inspiration, but this time I asked for more. I asked for His spirit to really Be There.

Later that day I had almost forgotten my prayer. She sat down in the chair, and as I began to work with her, this very real, palpable warm presence filled the air next to me. It felt like someone was holding my hand. And I knew the spirit was there and it was so much stronger and more real than I had ever experience before. And then this scroll appeared in my mind and as it unrolled, the perfect words to say to this woman who was in need of emotional healing were written before me. It was so beautiful.

And so the scriptures say, "ask and receive", and if we ask Him to come, He will come and He will help you and He will Heal you, the same as when He walked the earth in His mortality.

As we set aside Holy Time and create Sacred Space to commune with the Divine, our relationship will grow. Just like any other relationship… it takes time, effort and consistency to build a real relationship, but you can.

And as you do, and you seek to serve and to heal others, you will be given insights, messages to give, and inspirations to be acted upon. You will get to deliver the words that are the answer that someone has been praying for. But then it goes so much deeper than that.

As you enter into this Relationship with the Lord you will grow exponentially as you act in faith on the messages you receive.

So eventually came a time in my life where I faced a huge trial of my faith. In early 2013 I went though a devastating divorce that left me suddenly homeless and penniless overnight with six children in tow.

 My how the miraculous lined up one after another to help us survive those uncertain times.  But that was just the tip of the iceberg. The circumstances and challenges that arose during that time were frequently overwhelming.

 In those moments, those times when life was crashing down all around me I knew… I knew I had a choice to choose faith or fear. And I would have been justified to be in fear, and I did, at times, but I wanted faith instead. And I battled my emotional demons every day to choose that, and to work on getting better instead of bitter.

 I cried but I climbed.

 It was never easy but falling apart would have been worse for me. I wanted to be full of faith and love again and to be able to serve. I had lost nearly everything and I was facing loosing my children too and I didn’t know what to do so I got down on my knees and I prayed. And I told God that I would lay everything down on the altar for Him and that whatever He wanted for me and my children I would do.

 I told Him I trusted Him and His will for my life.  And then I was overcome with this power peace beyond words. And I was given words that would comfort my soul and shown things and given promises from God for my future.

And He told me He wanted me to give Him my time. He told me the children would be with me, but that on the weekends and the time in the summer when they went away would be for me to serve. I was so grateful for His promises, and I assured Him I would do as He asked.

Months later, When things began to settle down and we began to get on our feet I began to ponder on the scripture Matthew 10:8Heal the sick, Raise the dead, Cleanse the Leapers. Freely ye have receive, Freely give” and also John  14:12 “He that beleiveth on me,  can do all things I have done and greater thing ye shall do.” It was time to learn how to heal as Christ did.

Do we believe Him when He said that? When and how are we supposed to be doing these things Christ told us to do? It has to be here and now because there are no sick people or lepers on the other side to heal. We have been asked to do these things here and now. And maybe now more than ever. But faith is a muscle and you’ve got to work on it, and you’ve got to work on it consistently.

And so people started to show up in my life that did do these things. They did live like Jesus lived. They called it "Lifestyle Christianity". They would serve and heal anytime, anywhere. To their brothers and sisters at Walmart and at the tire store, not only at church on Sunday’s or when someone called.

 It was the waitress at lunch that got her wrist healed when we prayed for her. And the homeless man on the side of the road who’s tooth was loose. I discovered Heidi Baker and her healing ministry in Mozambique where yes, they were praying for the blind to see and they saw. They prayed for the deaf and their ears were opened, and yes, they even raised the dead. This was her every day lifestyle!

I couldn’t bring my six children to the depths of the  3rd world countries like Heidi Baker, but I could do my part where I was with the time I was given. And so on those cold and and lonely weekends that my kids would leave, instead of drowning in despair, I would give that time to God to serve and experience miracles!

So I gathered a group of willing souls like myself who want to learn to live more like Christ did and experiment upon His words. I found someone who could teach from experience in these things. He lived in San Diego and a couple of night a week, he would go with a group to Tijuana to serve and heal in the red light district.

 And they were experiencing these healing miracles as well, people would leave their wheelchairs, food would mysteriously not run out, long after it should have.

 And he was in Utah for a short time, and agreed to help us get started. So we went to downtown Salt Lake City, to the park next door to the homeless shelter and we would pray and ask to be led to who God wanted us to talk to and heal and we began immediately to experience healing miracles in Christs name. We saw loose teeth tighten, we saw last nights stab would heal, we saw back pain go away and these dear people were so surprised because they had been prayed for before, but they were surprised because this time it worked! It really worked and they would try to convince US that it really worked!

They realized that we didn’t come with an agenda like some other had, we weren’t expecting them to do anything in return, we just wanted them to know that God loves them. And yes, we would see things appear out of thin air, and yes, we even saw someone come back from the other side, and the angels had told him the name of the man, our friend, who had just prayed for him to return from the dead. He came back, awoke and pointed at our friend and said “You're Jim!” because the Angels had told him our friends name. 

 And after just a few prayers here and there these people could see that we were different, and we really did come to love and to heal and they would start to line up to receive prayers and sometimes these tender souls would offer to pray for us!

And we would get to know them and something happened to my heart, my heart softened, and my fears subsided and I held genuine compassion where once I had so many judgments and these souls had so much pain and they sometimes turned to alcohol or drugs to numb the pain and we judge those things but I saw that so many of us turn to things like anti-depressants and what would we do if we couldn’t see a doctor? If we couldn’t afford a prescription?

And I saw that these poor souls were already in so much bondage of pain and captivity that they didn’t need any judgment, they needed set free. Condemnation rarely heals a heart, but charity – the pure love of Christ often does. And I saw it heal. I saw the love of God heal hearts and minds, and bodies in miraculous ways.

When we stay tuned in we can be inspired always in all ways.

When we first began going on the weekends to heal the homeless, I ended up severely injuring my knee. There was the loud pop, excruciating pain, and it was locked at a 45 degree angle, and there was nothing I could do. If I tried to put any pressure or move it all all the pain was unbearable. And yet, this was right after my divorce when I had no income or insurance. So going to the doctor was out of the question, I might as well practice what I preach! So I called a group of friends who had been learning about Healing Miracles with me over and the group began to pray over my knee.

I didn’t really feel anything change after the first prayer, but we had learned that we were still developing our faith muscles and so we continued on. The second prayer didn’t have much affect either, but by the third I did start to feel some warmth and tingling sensations in my leg. We continued on and on for quite some time until at last, I could straighten my leg and stand on it! A Miracle indeed!

Now sometimes we need to steward our healing and keep the faith going. Occasionally the pain would come back, and sometimes my knee would even lock up again….but I would declare out loud “Thank you God for my healing. Thank you that my knee is healed!” And I would pray that over my knee for about 20 min and the pain would go away and I could walk again!

We can also pray for protection miracles, so that we don’t need to get healed later.

Years ago when I was 6 months pregnant with my fourth child, I was driving to pick up one of my children from pre-school, and I had my 8 month old baby in the carseat. The road were very icy that day and I felt an impression to “Pray for protection”. And so I did.

 Minutes later I turned a corner and there was a work truck on the side of the road, I swerved just a bit to miss hitting them, which would have been fine on a normal day, but the roads were ice and there was a big ice bump in the center of the roads from previous plowing. It sent my minivan in a spin and before I knew it we were off the side of the road in a ditch. The two workmen came running over looking like they had seen a ghost asking if we were ok.

I felt totally fine as I got out of the car. I looked to the right and saw other tire tracks in the road about ten feet to the right. I kind of laughed and said “oh looks like I wasn’t the only one!” Then men looked at me and said “Those are your tire tracks. We don’t know how your van didn’t flip over when it flew through the air”.

 I then I knew the Angels had helped us because I had followed the prompting to ask for their protection. At 6 months pregnant and with an 8 month old baby in the backseat that could have been devastating. But my airbag didn’t even go off, so gentle were the angels hands in cushioning our landing.

A friend of mine who practices Lifestyle Christianity, as some of them refer to it, once received a word of knowledge (a message from the spirit) to give a man in a grocery store parking lot. He walked over and asked the man if he could pray for him. The man said yes, and as he prayed, he blessed him with a future calling to be fulfilled in ten years… the man stopped him and got angry. He yelled and said “My doctor just gave me 6 months to live! You can’t tell me I’ll be doing a mission for God in ten years!”

My friend laughed and said “God just gave you ten years, and your doctor only gave you 6 months. Why are you mad at God instead of the doctor?” The man laughed and walked away pondering…

And yes, ten years later they did run into each other, and the man had taken Gods word to heart and claimed his remission and healing and fulfilled the calling he had been given!

A couple years ago I saw this awesome video online after a tornado had hit…this man showed the house next door in shambles….then he panned over to the building across the street which had been destroyed….then he slowed panned the camera around to his home and property where they had prayed for Gods divine protection….and his home was complete unharmed including even the trees on their property…

4 years ago a friend of mine in Utah who lives in the foothills of the mountains was out of town when she started received several panicked calls saying a fire was approaching their neighborhood, there was no way for them to get out their important items for an evacuation so they stopped and prayed for protection over their home. She said this:”

“ We went and said a prayer over our home. When we got home we found that there were som burn marks on our trampoline and deck from embers but the fire line came to our back wall and then suddenly went back down the hill. We found out from a fireman that when they were fighting the blaze al the sudden an enormous gust of wind came from the west and blew the fire down the hill and then it started to rain. The gust of wind was so strong that a huge tree down the street blew over. It was a witness to me of that god will watch over you = even if all around you bullets are flying.”


Now I would like to discuss the increased power of group and intercessory prayers. In Matthew 18:20 Christ said “where two or more are gathered in my name there I am also.

So he’s telling us we aren’t meant to do this alone. He wants us to gather together and uplift one another and unite our minds and hearts as one with His. And we have His promise that He will be there helping us when we do!

There are people that wanted to not only experiment upon these words, but research and document their effects and they have documented amazing results!

In 1972 a team researched the effects of a group gathered together with the sole intention of praying  for or meditating on peace in a certain area. In all 24 cities studied, the crimes rates did drop noticeable whether or not the meditation group was actually in that city or not!

Results were so encouraging that they began to repeat this experiment in 2007, again with very noticeable decline in crime rates.

Inspired by this, a woman name Lynn McTaggart decided to conduct her own experiment on group prayer and meditation. She gathered small groups together and they would focus on healing one specific persons problem for 10 min a day. In her book where she writes about these experiments she showed dramatic healing responses to her prayer experiments but what surprised her the most was what she called “The Altruism Boomerang Effect”.  The people who were praying for OTHERS would receive healing for themselves!

In these studies they noticed that the biggest tipping point seemed to happen around the 1% mark….if they had about 1% of the population of a city meditating on peace, it would produce the most reduction in crime and suicide rates. So that means, all we would need to tip the scales for an increase in global peace is a mere 8000 people who meditate on Global Peace and Healing daily!

 So God was really teaching me about “Healing the sick” and praying for divine intervention. But of course when you are always seeking to learn about Him and be like Him, there’s always more to learn.

The next scripture that I would focus on was “And Greater Things Ye Shall Do.”

How is that even possible? What does that mean?

Jesus’s statement seems to direct people not only to believe in miracles, but to take an active role in the creation of miracles.

Miracles didn’t stop 2000 years ago and they aren’t only performed by Christ. He is inviting us to take an active role and these words of His seem to imply that doing miracles is a natural and important extension of being disciples of Jesus and of being a spiritual being. It seems to take away the excuses and limiting beliefs about not preforming miracles because you are only human.

It seems to mean that miracles are a part of living and coming into relationship with the Divine.

And so if we can do all the things Christ did and greater things….what all does that entail? Could it entail walking on water? Could it entail casting out a storm? Could it entail the gift of multiplying fishes and loaves?

 What about having an Ascension experience where we witness the divine realms, and the creation of of the world? What about being a witness of Christ’s ministry?

 Could it even entail overcoming illness, suffering, disease and possibly even conquering death?

These are things that are worthy to open our hearts and minds and ponder and meditate upon asking for further light and knowledge. Because there are examples of all of these things in our scriptures and we are being asked to bring heaven to earth. What does that look like? What if you really could do all these things and more?

And as I have opened up to the greater things, the greater healing miracles, I have started to experience them and so have other people.

 Infusing our divinity into every part of our humanity is possible for everyone.

 All it takes is having an open heart and mind, and asking God to show you these things. We must have that Holy Time and Sacred Space set aside to commune with God and develop that relationship and then be willing to act on the inspiration when it comes but it helps to be asking the bigger questions because heaven will only answer when you ask.

There are ways to grow beyond what we think is possible in many different areas of our lives. You have been taught that it’s not possible to do these things, but Christ is telling you it is.

 So we have a lot of inner work to do, to release those limiting beliefs and build our spiritual muscles of faith and divine power to move those mountains, to walk on water, to have the real gives of manifestation and creation – the fishes and the loaves multiplying and greater things!

He will teach you and guide you, inspire you and lead you into a life of miracles beyond what you even dreamed. Forget creating the life of your dreams, create the life that God calls you to and watch it turn out so much better than your previously limited dreams!

Now I’m going to ask you to be really present for a moment. Grab your notebook and your pencil and set them right beside you. Now I want you to center yourself, and take three slow deep breaths… and I want you to tune it….tune into your relationship with God, to into the wisdom within your eternal soul… tune into the higher light and truth…and ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is the Greatest thing I could possibly experience in this lifetime?
  2. What is the most I want to experience in this lifetime?
  3. Who have been the greatest examples for humankind?
  4. Who, throughout all the ages, has done the most for humankind?
  5. What has been the most any human has ever experience?
  6. What were their great accomplishments?
  7. What were some of the principles by which they were accomplished?
  8. Am I ready to be on my dedicated journey of fulfilling the divine measure of my creation and live a life of miracles?

There are no limits. You are innately composed of God-Energy. Therefore, as you become Christ-like love and consciously realize who you truly are, you CAN do ALL THINGS.

Your soul years to be sovereign and free. Therefore, let your souls’ desire be your sole desire.

Breathe that in…………………and as you begin to journal your answers, thoughts and inspirations…

I leave you to ponder on Matthew 5: 16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

Thank you for joining us today. Take care!

 Debbie Hart

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