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Continuing Education for Ascension Students

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Ascension University...the Masters Program

Ascension University is a continuing education program for students who have completed all three Ascension School programs.  Ascension School provides a solid foundation and prepares students to build their knowledge and abilities as they learn more through Ascension University.  Ascension School courses 101, 201 and 301, are limited in what it can cover in 90 days, while Ascension University may be considered a graduate level program.  It provides ongoing exposure to more in-depth material, trainings, classes, tools, mentoring, and retreats that are all focused upon deepening students understanding of ascension and implementing what they have learned.

Continuing Education and Ascension Experience

Self mastery is the ability to make the most out of your physical, mental, and spiritual health, to excel and be comfortable with who you Am.

Ascension University is owning your results in life, and your own Self-Mastery and working on the multi-dimensional levels to clear your karma, assist humanity and complete your contracts.

You will be participating in a powerful & revolutionary ongoing program designed to take dedicated students on accelerating journey of Self Mastery, Initiations and the Ascension Process.

Alchemy "The art of transmutation The seemingly miraculous change of one thing into something better."

The true transformation that comes from aligning  with the energy of our soul can only be done by ongoing Ascension studies and practice. This process of miraculous change happens by taking a journey inside.

  • Learn the basics of Alchemy (transforming our human lead based natural man into a spirit based golden being of light ) & Energetic Techniques to assist you in manifesting your transformation at accelerated rates
  • Shift paradigms and old programming
  • Release techniques for Deep Karma Work
  • Visit the etheric temple retreats of Ascended Light Beings (Advanced Angelic Realms)
  • Increasing your Merkaba Light levels for experiencing duality, for time travel and changing timelines
  • And so much more!
"After getting on the Ascension Journey I have finally found what I've been searching for. My life is absolutely incredible now and every day is a glorious adventure!" Michelle W.

Helping bring humanity into harmony...

The Program

Ascension University is an ongoing monthly membership and includes continued access to Ascension School videos, trainings, and materials, as well as additional trainings and classes that will be held every week via video conference and live classroom.  In-person attendance is not required, but will help during different experiential exercises.  Meditation retreats will be announced in advance and be held over 1-2 days on weekends.  These classes and retreats include trainings by Ascension School graduates, instructors, and invited guests who have experienced ascension and are in high-level training themselves.

 Topics addressed may include:

  • How to cleanse deeper, build stronger, and start teaching what you know
  • How to deepen your communication with your Higher Power
  • Investigation into various ancient and modern Ascension traditions
  • How to download information and gifts from Higher Power, mortals, and books
  • How to build an altar
  • How to establish protection for your sacred space
  • How to see into other dimensions
  • Remote viewing training
  • How to take your creation process to the next level in a group effort
  • Multi-day meditation retreats
  • Genius training
  • A deep-dive into ascension technology
  • More ways to raise your frequency
  • The 10 laws of being a god
  • Taking chakra work to the next level
  • How hypnotherapy can help in the ascension process
  • The best breathing techniques for reaching altered states of consciousness
  • The best ways to re-program the mind with the least amount of effort
  • Super Supplements for ascension
  • Initiation retreats
  • Intercession and all-night vigil trainings
  • Regeneration Tools
  • Tapping techniques
  • Angelology
  • The Hero and Heroine journey
  • Ancient patterns of Spiritual Development/Ascension
  • How the Ancient Seers did what they did
  • Aura colors and associated meanings
  • Masculine Archetypes
  • Feminine Archetypes
  • ….And much more!

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