Finding Joy in an Ascended World

A One-Day Workshop on Advanced Ascension Principles

Recorded Live October 9, 2020


Limited-Time Offer: $80

This workshop you can watch at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.
includes 5 solid hours of spiritual ascension concepts from highly experienced ascension mentor Rex Rian who is a success mentor, life coach, author, and motivational speaker.
As CEO of 3 Peaks Institute of wellness, he assists individuals and groups in their process of ascension.


In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • What’s happening energetically in the world today
  • How to begin to track your progress
  • How to understand timelines and future probabilities
  • Specific techniques to destress quickly
  • How to see a greater reality around you
  • Manifesting vs. creation and how to do it from the heart
  • The laws of being a god
  • How hermetic units work in measuring multi-dimensional energy
  • How multiple dimensions work (from someone who’s been there… a lot)
  • How prana works and how to recharge pre and post-natal pranic batteries
  • What a Merkaba is and why you should learn to use it
  • How to free yourself of emotional baggage
  • How to cleanse the body
  • The exact supplements you can use to cleanse and activate your pineal gland
  • How to concentrate energy into physical devices
  • How light conception and sexual creation works
  • How to create huge amounts of light in group settings for mass healings
  • How to energetically recycle your unwanted creations
  • How to activate and grow your hidden gland of regeneration
  • How to break the universal programming of self-loathing
  • How to read your own body language to decipher subconscious programs
  • How to interact with your past or future self and historical figures
  • How to download information from books
  • The difference between frequency and truth
  • What the 3 great lies are and how to escape them
  • How to see into other dimensions

… And you also get workshop handouts and unlimited replays for 1 year.


Rex Rian  - Instructor

"With so many things going on in the world, learn how you can do more than just get by, but thrive, as the world ascends."

"We invite you to accept the call of ascension at this exciting time in the earth's history. You can be and do and experience so much more than you have ever dreamed.  This will be a jam-packed fun filled day!” – Rex Rian


Author of the "Golden Copper Series". 








“This is the spiritual, mystical, esoteric material mystery schools have kept hidden for millennia.  Expose yourself to it now. 
This puts the law of attraction and manifesting to shame.  Just listening to this workshop will blow… your… mind!  
Some of this material is so advanced we don’t even touch it in our 90-Day Ascension School curriculum… its reserved for Ascension School graduates who enroll in Ascension University.”

– Nelson, Ascension School Instructor

Join us for this advanced ascension class


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