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Ascension Experience

It was all about ascension! Discover the ancient writings about the power of ascension.

Unlike anything you've ever experienced!

Discover the Wisdom and Science of Ascension.


Our Egypt tour packages provide a unique opportunity to travel back through time to find yourself immersed in ancient Egyptian history, where you can enjoy captivating and customized experiential tours of the mythical Egyptian monuments. Follow in the legendary footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia and Explore the Great Pyramids with a sunset camel ride, seek out culture on a private and expertly guided tour of the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, and savor the splendor of a luxury Nile River cruise between Luxor and Aswan with your very own qualified Egyptologist and private driver.


Our Mission is to Turn
Seekers into Seers and Experiencers

Gone are the days of simply studying and reading about the ancient wisdom scriptures and texts. You can do all these things and greater things. We do this by aligning a pathway that guides you to manifest your highest life path and soul’s mission. This journey  brings you to God-Realization, strengthening your ultimate connection to your Divinity and accelerating your Ascension Path.


To Ascend simply means to “rise up”

When you rise up in awareness and consciousness not only are you a new person, but you will have a broader perspective on life, who you are, why you are here, and what to do about it. You will be able to put the past behind you and see the beauty and love in everything. States of peace, joy, and bliss will no longer be contained to just moments of meditation, but will be what you can have all day, every day, no matter what is going on around you. Once a student transcends to new level, then they can uplift others and serve humanity at greater levels.

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