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We are excited to bring you the tools, education, training and resources to move out of suffering into a life of joy and peace and divine purpose, by assisting you in transforming the key areas of your life.

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"We help hungry seekers of truth apply transcendent-living principles to fulfill their divine purpose."

What is the Ascension Academy?

The Ascension Academy was created to help students learn and apply knowledge of how to transcend the bounds of mortal existence, and live by the higher laws of the Universe. These truths have been taught by esoteric hidden "mystery" schools for thousands of years. These truths are no longer a mystery; but they are basic, foundational, extremely empowering, and eternal truths that elevate humankind to their divine potential. Unusually long life-spans, even immortality, has been granted to those who believed it was their right and mission to receive these truths and become the ideal version of themselves in order to perform the ultimate mission: selfless love and service to bring humanity into a condition of harmony and unity.

To Ascend simply means to “rise up”.

When you rise up in awareness and consciousness not only are you a new person, but you will have a broader perspective on life, who you are, why you are here, and what to do about it. You will be able to put the past behind you and see the beauty and love in everything. States of peace, joy, and bliss will no longer be contained to just moments of meditation, but will be what you can have all day, every day, no matter what is going on around you. Once a student transcends to new level, then they can uplift others and serve humanity at greater levels.

A Coming Golden Age

These historical ascension traditions and their sacred calendars tell us we’ve got to be preparing for a coming Golden Age, a period of idyllic peace, and the window of opportunity to achieve this is not that far off.  You can see the massive acceleration both in the cosmos and on earth in just the last 25 years. That’s the vision they had, they believed in, and they prepared for it.  Look at ALL the ancient sacred traditions and texts. 

Those ancients really believed that if they didn’t prepare for it, it wouldn’t ever come.  It was a process of self-selection, rising up to make it happen, or it never would.  That means we need rise up to create it, we seek it, we establish it. It’s not just going to happen by itself.  But if you wanted to do it back then you had to be an initiate and meditate for years in a cave, Now the information is more widely available and the earth is about to make the shift, so the timing is right, the mass consciousness is moving that direction, and people just need to awaken to what is all means and what is really possible for them.

How we started

We have been led to form an educational program and practical ascension system heretofore unknown to the public. For over a decade we have been experiencing personal transformations and been exposed to some of the the most impactful life-altering principles known to mankind.  We have simply been instruments in compiling this information into a structured educational system that can be implemented by anyone who has the desire to awake and arise to the fulfillment of a life mission of service to their fellow man; a mission that is in total alignment with their Higher Power.

Our vision and purpose

We intend to bring you the tools, education, training and resources that will move you out of suffering into a life of joy and peace, divine fulfillment and awe, by assisting you in transforming in  the key areas of your life.  Our system will educate and support, but it is entirely up to each individual student to inquire and exert the required diligence in attaining to the levels of living that will be taught. However, it is absolutely possible for anyone. 

The power is in the message

Our vision and purpose is not ours, but is the vision and purpose of the light we serve and all those who have joined in this effort through all ages of history.  This work is far bigger than us.  We are simple instruments through which students can receive these truths.

It has been said that some may come only to seek after a sign.  The more we talk of the miraculous, the more we could attract a certain personality that has "itching ears," only wanting a tale, the fantastic, ignoring the  selfless love which is the purpose of daily life, treating one another kindly, loving those that are in need, serving others. 

Because of this tendency for people to abuse the information we provide, we may avoid disclosing some of the powerful miracles we have seen in our personal lives to those who are eager to hear stories only of the miraculous but who have little desire to make the journey themselves.  We share some experiences of the miraculous only to support others to believe in and experience it themselves.  We do NOT intend to become authority figures on whom students solely rely for personal growth.  We seek the highest good of all, and this training will assist you in finding your unique divine purpose, and your own inspiration on how to get there.

We believe it is not a virtue nor an advantage to be in charge, but rather it is a virtue and an advantage to be laboring alongside and helping lift others.  It is an advantage to teach in a way that supports us all on the same team   If we can manage to move people along so they can reach a state of harmony, even an ideal society, a community of peace, without us as a focus but rather as facilitators, then we have done our job.  We desire only to elevate others, as we are all connected. If I help you, then I also help me, which helps us all.

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