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Terms and Conditions:

Disclaimer:  Student understands that this program requires full participation and daily concerted effort in order to achieve results.  If the student is of a sound mind, committed, attending all classes, and mentally and emotionally complying with 100% of the “homework,” baseline levels (measured by student) are guaranteed to increase in more than one of the areas tested.  Student further understands that Ascension School at The Ascension Academy is not a registered and bonded educational institution on a State or Federal level, but an independent education and training program provided to help students increase health, mindset, and overall well-being. In accordance with state law and ethical standards of practice, Ascension School at The Ascension Academy does not claim to diagnose, cure, heal, prescribe treatment for, or treat any diagnosed mental or physical illness.  Students presenting symptoms of physical or mental illness are advised to seek the help of a medical practitioner.  Ascension School at The Ascension Academy does not use its programs, questionnaires or methods with or to treat a medical, psychological, or dental condition defined in generally recognized diagnostic and statistical manuals of medical, psychological, or dental disorders.  Any statement made by affiliates of Ascension School, or The Ascension Academy, in conversation by phone, email, text, in person, or otherwise in contradiction to this disclaimer is inadvertent and does not represent the intent or purposes of anyone affiliated with Ascension School or The Ascension Academy.  In accordance with discrimination law, administrators or employees who are receiving applications for enrollment reserve the right to deny enrollment on a case by case basis, and exercise discretion in asking students to leave the course who are disruptive, non-supportive, and viewed in any way as being detrimental to the success of other students, or the creation of a positive environment, including during workshops, meditations, and hypnosis exercises in or out of class.  If, for any reason, a student is asked to leave the group, that student is not entitled to a refund.  Students may email [email protected] to request a refund per the terms of the full 30-day money-back guarantee IF they have fully participated in all classes and completed all action items. The Ascension Academy does NOT claim or promise students will have any kind of a transcendent experience UNLESS they are integrous (they desire truth), committed, and diligent in performing every task in Ascension School with full effort without fail.

Liability Waiver and Indemnification Agreement: Student is not aware of any injury, illness, or other health issues that would restrict him/her from participating in Ascension School at The Ascension Academy.  Student agrees to hold harmless The Ascension School for any misinformation received by instructors or staff and understands that some of the information taught at the school is spiritual, philosophical, and theoretical in nature, to be verified by student’s independent research and personal experience.  Student agrees to assume all expense, liability, and risk arising from participation.  Student agrees to hold harmless The Ascension Academy, its staff, instructors, and all of its associates as a result of any injury in physical, emotional, or mental well-being.  Student agrees to indemnify The Ascension Academy in the case of any physical, emotional, or mental injury sustained from student’s participation.  Student is registering to attend classes in which guided meditation and clinical hypnotherapeutic methods are employed to help students remove limiting beliefs, maladaptive emotions and behaviors, desensitize self-defeating imaginations, and alter the perception of traumatic memories.  Student understands that some of these exercises are hypnotic in nature and that they have been duly advised and informed that meditation and hypnotherapy sessions done in individual or group settings could be an intense personal experience, and understands and warrants that they are physically, mentally, and emotionally capable to attend these trainings (online or in person), workshops, exercises, meditations and hypnosis sessions.  Student is highly encouraged to fully participate in order to get the most benefit from the course but may opt not to participate during any exercise throughout this course.

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